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I remember that in 1997, having had my "aha!" moment and founded Preserving The Past, LLC, I thought to myself "Wow, what if I could travel to Ireland or Chilé or elsewhere and help them with their archives! Wouldn’t that be amazing?" Seventeen years, a Masters degree and much sweat-equity later, that opportunity knocked; albeit the country to visit decided for me is, quite by fate, Argentina.

Colorful Buenos Aires It was truly quite an amazing experience and I welcome you to hear about soon it as I find time to write a detailed "blog" of my work with the students and museum staff. In the meantime, read my blog on the Argentine culture and the history of the Museo del Cine here:
"On Monday, June 1, 2015, the sun was shining, elegantly finding its way betwixt and between the century-old neoclassical-style buildings of French and Italian influence to the ground of cragged slate sidewalks and cobblestone streets. Approximately 16 newly acquainted professionals and students of audiovisual preservation traversed their way through the working-class neighborhood of San Telmo – GPS navigation systems equipped smartphones... that worked – or not... depending on our coordinates – in hand.

"Our walk east from Av Caseros through Lezama Park (the founding place of our host city, Buenos Aires and designed by the renowned French-Argentine urban planner"... click to continue reading the blog
With much gratitude,
Taylor Whitney
President and Founder
Preserving The Past, LLC

P.S. Please pass along this link to others who may be interested in film preservation:
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